01 December 2009

cow head soup

Russ's pagan cow head wants a sofa for Christmas, I told him "Where are we going to put another sofa? He said to get rid of our old one because it was; "An Abomination Unto Me." I told him he says that about anything he doesn't like and reminded him that he also said that about clam chowder and mushrooms on his pizza.

shhh, don't tell cow head I got him this for Christmas to replace his worn teddy bear and Russ got a skin for his x-box.


  1. Why couldn't I have been born a cow god?

    One of my favorite pastimes is to abominate things.

    I think that cow head is just being contentious. What does he need with a sofa? It's not like he's got anything to sit with—unless Russ's pagan cow ass is on the other side of that wall.

  2. Why oh why does everyone make fun of my little Cow god?! Be careful or I'll tell him to turn your next glass of milk sour. After you drink and not before, I'm not stupid....

    P.S. I miss you hunye! Me wannum keesies!!

  3. Teezy,

    What you see is all him. A month ago he begged me for a guitar so he could be a country western singer, he said he already has the rodeo bronco bulls demographic.


    You spoil him.

  4. Lucky Cow god, Lucky Cow god, would you grant me a wish if I rub your horns?

  5. Sorry Russ—I didn't mean to be disrespectful to the cow.

    I guess that I am a little bitter.

    I tried to get some of the neighbor kids to worship me, but they just made fun of my sandals and robe.

  6. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! i mean that in the nicest possible way.

    and thank you for your sweet comment. you are a good dude, and i hope russ appreciates you like CRAZY.

    p.s. mushrooms BELONG on pizza. for reals.

  7. Let's do this M. I send you cow telling him you want to rub his horns and take him to Hoboken for falafels and you keep him.

  8. He does, trust me.

    I love sauted mushrooms on steak, it's one of the reasons cow head hates me, because of the steak, not the mushrooms.

  9. That teddybear replacement would give me nightmares!

    But maybe I am just a teddybear traditionalist. I went to college yesterday wearing a thick sweater, plain except for the large teddybear on the front. It was a big hit.

  10. He won't give you nightmares, he'll protect you from what's under the bed.

  11. Teezy you are the cutest thing!! Screw the neighborhood kids; give me a pic of you and I'll worship you right next to my pegan cow god.


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