28 December 2009


  1. Ahhhh...smooth. Classy choice AB!
    Hope you had a luvverly kwissmuss! Got plans for New Year? Hope you have a marvellous one anyhoo :) I can't believe it will be 2010!!! Gawd.

  2. May your new TV serve your eyes well! My TV has been getting a workout since I got a Wii. I'm addicted to boxing :D It's great- I can get all my aggression out without anybody hitting me back. Brilliant!

  3. Everything Russ gets me is gigantic, two years ago he bought me a Halloween pumpkin I could sit in and throw marbles at people who visited us and giggle without them knowing I was in the room, After about a year of people saying; "Did a marble just hit you?" And "Where is that giggling coming from?" no one visits us anymore.
    : (


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