05 December 2009


I'm stealing this blog award from...um...her. She doesn't need all those awards with all the birthin' going on. I'm not afraid of her or her country "root magic" calling up Pumpkinhead, all that goat milk has made her weak, I can take her on, one good kick in the back of the neck and she'd go flying in the wood pile.



  1. I'm infuriated...

    Some hillbilly farm chick living in Bucksnort Kentucky who is a nurse but doesn't want to help sick people has 75 followers and I only have one (and I have a feeling that one person is a "pity follower").

    My own family won't follow my blog. When I confront them they mumble things like "it's an embarrassment" and "mortifying".

    All I have to say is uplift this.


    And, OMG she breeds! I just have to believe that 70 of her 75 followers are her own chilluns.

    Her evening entertainment is watching her spawn wrassle on the floor after fixin a supper of baloney helper and purple drank!

    Just kill me now...

  2. Worse than Susan!

    Well that's just mean.


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