29 November 2009


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  1. Mmmm...more food! How I long to visit Japan. Sigh! i hope they don't lose their yatais!

  2. Getting rid of yatais in Japan and taco trucks in LA, as far as I know they failed on both fronts, I'll ask my Japanese Hostess buddy who lives over there what happened with the yatais.

  3. hello! here I am. Yatais are still all over Tokyo dude, but maybe not as many as there used to be, come to think of it. Don't know about Fukuoka though.

    Yatais have a reputation for being run by the yakuza (which is kind of funny actually when you think about it, wow, they're so scary, they run food stalls...), and I've gotta say, a lot of the dudes running them are kind of gross looking. Some look semi-retarded, missing a few teeth, and just kind of weird. Plus I'm 30 now, my metabolism can't handle a carb infusion at 3am anymore. At least not without serious consequences to my waistline!

  4. I think the attempted ban was only in Fukouka. I know the Yakuza own all the pachinko businesses and finance Sega Corp, who knew cute little Sonic the Hedgehog was a Yakuza lackey lol.

    Now that you're here, I'm bolting the doors and you aint goin no where no how.

  5. you always make my day, I love getting locked in ; )


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