17 November 2009

spotspit on bloggers

Fuck you Zach "Sunshine" and your fucked up Chlorine hair you Jon Favreau-looking mother fucker. Hope negativity bites you in the ass like a baby alligator.

I see this guys blog pop up every time I'm checking blogs and his positivity is like trying to get black tar off my eyelashes, I swear it drains me seeing his pic.

"I like to put negative energy out into the Universe so when it comes back to me as life giving me lemons, I can make lemonade. It's a win win situation with a refreshing drink closing the deal."



  1. I need to stop drinking things when I read your blog

  2. What are you doing up? Still working the graveyard shifty? I just came back to my blog for some papers, luckily Pablo, the all-night security guard, was able to let me into my blog before the cleaning crew came.

    "Goodnight Mr. Senior AB."

    "Goodnight Pablo." (((as I stroll out the door into the cold night)))

  3. When I first read Zach's "About Me" (so eloquently written by Rachelle), I figured he was just a tard that needed help writing his blog.

    I also think that I had some guy arrested a couple of years ago for "extending a delicious loaf of banana bread" to me when I felt "in need"—small world.

    Anyway, I changed my opinion of him after reading about how he totally goes against the norms and wears his college letterman jacket to law school.

    Zach sounds absolutely "Dreamy!!!"

  4. Zach is a crazy man who lives on the edge with not using color-safe bleach and natural peanut butter where the oil separates in the jar.

    I get a gay vibe from him, guarantee when he's around 50 he'll leave his beautiful wife Beth and the two kids Trini and Cam and move with in boat designer from Delaware.

  5. Zach looks like Jocelyn Wilderstein's brother


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