29 November 2009

next thanksgiving

i'm makin this.


  1. Hmmmmm.....that is somewhat unusual...The flavours themselves would taste quite good i imagine- it's just the fact that it's a jelly (that's what we aussies call Jello. What you guys call "Jelly" we call "Jam" :) )that I'm having a wee bit of trouble coming to terms with O.o
    but, i'm a broadminded gal, I'd give it a try!
    It does look quite pretty in the photo.

  2. I'll bring this Christmas and my sister will say; "What the Hell in this?! Where's the deviled eggs?"

    So I can still eat your comments with jam.

  3. Come one now—shiny, jiggly cheese-jelly isn't unusual, it's revolting.

    It sounds and looks like something that should be coming out of you, not going in.

    Asylum Dolly is a braver girl than I.

    Perhaps you should surprise your family with some ofthis.for Christmas dinner.

    I am especially fond of the Delores products and, of course, the Bun Dae Ki.

  4. Your talking to a guy who can eat Spam musubi everyday. Process the shit out of anything and I'll give it a go.


I eat your comments with jam and butter.