27 November 2009

Martian Spaceship

pretending to be a rock. Stupid aliens, rocks are on the ground.


  1. Martian 1: "But how are we going to get around without the humans noticing?"
    Martian 2: "We'll cunningly disguise the ship! "
    Martian 1: "Brilliant! Should we use the cloud disguise or the rock disguise?"
    Martian 2: "The rock, obviously. The cloud is for when we gatecrash the presidents party. hahahaha!! They'll never catch on as we float casually in the sky!"
    Martian 1: "Hahahha! Stupid humans! Now, we are about to land- make haste and don your giant avocado suits! We don't want to look out of place in the Japanese wilderness. Don't forget your top hats and scuba gear!"

  2. ROLF

    They tried the cloud disguise and this

  3. Oh I saw that pic a while back- FREAKY. There was some scientific explanation that made it seem really unremarkable, but I can't remember what it was. I prefer to think of it as a kinda martian donut :)


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