04 November 2009

killer blue



  1. YIKES. semis have always made me nervous, but THESE are even scarier.

  2. Being from New Mexico, I am so glad to see that our beloved National Nuclear Security Administration's Service Center in Albuquerque is getting some favorable press.

    Here in New Mexico we have a "warm-fuzzy" for those pretty blue trucks. You see, each year they sponsor a glow-in-the-dark fun run for the kids as well as the much-anticipated fission-fest weenie roast. (You will never know all the pleasures in life until you have experienced a fission roasted weenie)

    Don't be scared, I see those trucks all over the place (I think there is one in front of my house right now) and other than the abnormally large amounts of heat they generate and the nearly trace amounts of peripheral radiation, they are completely safe.

    And the statement that the thermal characteristics would allow the trailer to be totally engulfed in a fire without incurring damage to the cargo is totally true. Believe me, I've tried.

    In your last comment on my site you had mentioned the mysterious Taos hum—mystery solved!

  3. Your probably living over a nuke silo now. I have a fold out bed (usually reserved for our drunky friends) you and your family can use if you want to get out of harms way, I'm such a giver.


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