20 November 2009

I'm cutting out early this Friday, so have a chill weekend my drolls and drollettas.


  1. Francisco you are in big trouble for having another georgeous blonde man on your blog that isn't me.

    Love, Hub. (You in big trouble)

  2. Ok, so it's me Jayne, from vox and blogger, u know the one with the cats following her, at CanILiveNow? U say I don't post enough, and I miss you mexidcocktail on vox. so, my yahoo IM name is yvnnsylvester. I'm on there all day, every weekday, except when I'm in court. Yup, I work for the justice dept - hence the name Jayne on my blogs. IM me now and then. BTW, how is life in lovely CA? U Know I'm on the Jersey Shore? total opposites. lol

  3. Hi sweetie!!! i like your photo of the guy with his Peterbilt. 8D

  4. You have to catch me first baby!
    : O


    Eat up his few words because getting him on blog land is harder than getting the Pope to do a dinner theatre gig.

  5. Jayne,

    Wow, Russ giving out my full name and you naming my old blog, more personal info about me is on this one post comments than in all of my blog. $2 for anyone who can come up with my social.

    I WILL bug you Jayne. You make a friend out of me and you have me for life, I don't care if you poop in my mashed potatoes, worship the cat God Bastet, or sell department secrets to Libya to help pay for your jeep. You take the brave step in saying you have crohns and all your vox followers all of a sudden have other calls to take, what a bunch of bwats.

    I love you're from Jersey. I always thought I translated better to an east coast fucker mentality, Most in my neck of the woods have fragile egos that roll out with the red carpet of a movie premiere, sucks being me in all this balmy weather.

  6. D,

    You missed my Halloween countdown, reverse yourself and check it out.

    I like my men blond and hairy, just ask the first guy who commented.


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