10 November 2009


I can't help but be bothered when a few days ago the basic right of marriage was taken away from a group of Americans in Maine and I see Google celebrating the birthday of Sesame Street with putting cutesy Sesame Street characters on their Google search page, it's so inappropriate they did it at the time of the Maine outcome, can we have at least a moment of silence? Some kind of acknowledge that cloth puppets should take a back seat with what was blatant discrimination shown in a State vote? It's like having a birthday party on the same day grandma dies.

I have a spelling game for Google:

F is for the fine people of Maine who see heterosexuality as heterosexual privilege.

U is for the understanding of voters who voted against stripping the rights of their fellow neighbors.

Stick Big Bird between your two o's Google.


  1. This is one issue that really pisses me off. I mean it's absolutely no different to me than denying people of different races the opportunity to marry. It's so OBVIOUS that it makes me feel people really must be STUPID to not see this.

  2. You hit it right on the head, these same people who would deny me the right to marry would be horrified if the right for minorities to marry where put on a ballot, just wouldn't happen.

  3. This is terrible. There's nothing like seeing a puppet when you're upset, makes ya want to rip it's furry head off. I don't see how right-wing conservatives can be against gay marriage. Seriously. If you're FOR commitment, family, monogamy, and love WHY would you deny that to gay people??? I don't understand.

  4. Perhaps an illustration of the burning capitol of Maine would appease you?

  5. I want to rip puppet heads (doll heads, bobble heads, fat heads) off even when I'm not upset. I swear I'm going to go ape shit if the challange to Prop 8 fails, I might punch myself.

  6. Right now only a lap dance from Brock Harris and and cold chocolate milk will appease me.


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