24 November 2009


Indian filmaker Deepa Mehta made "Fire" in 1996 starring popular Indian actresses Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi. The movie deals with two woman who married into the same family and the attraction that developes between them. Theatres that showed it where destroyed, those involved with the film had to have Police guards, other Indian actors who supported the release of the film where harrassed and the film was eventualy withdrawn only to be put back into theatres after nation wide cries of censorship.


  1. it is pretty mind boggling how far folks will go to try and enforce censorship. it is just nuts. sometimes i think we have progressed so much, and sometimes NOT.

  2. Just the idea of homosexuality will make people go ape shit. Homosexuality fell under the Hays Code of what could not be put in movies up into the 1950's.

  3. This is totally hot— and I'm not that into porn.

    If what was going on in that bedroom is sin, then I want to be on the first bus to hell.

    It's a little scary too. When that guy slaps that chick...I've always been told to never, never, ever, ever anger a lesbian.

  4. I think women's lib fell off of the plane and broke her neck before she got to India.


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