19 November 2009

cow head soup

Russ's pagan cow head wearing his pagan crown just to irritate me, he never lets down he's a God.
Don't believe me?


  1. snicker! believe it or not [insert greatest american hero theme song here!] i have horseheads and bull heads like these in my kitchen. so far they are unadorned.

  2. Now cow head wants to live with you again, even has his bento box size suitcase already packed. He says he doesn't need my abuse and because he was hammered in the wall slightly off center, he always gets vertigo.

  3. Hang a turkey from his neck and he'll be ready for Thanksgiving. It might even fix the balance issue lol.

    He looks adorable, and pissed, as usual ;)

  4. He doesn't like meat products within his personal space, all he eats is dry ramon noodles and sweet and sour sauce.

  5. At least he can't shit on your floor- he has no asshole.He could still vomit though....don't let him get him drunk.
    I've missed ya AB! This is simi under a different name ;)

  6. I sure have missed you simi. It'll take me a while to call you AsylumDolly, it's like always knowing me as asshole boyfriend to me now wanting you to call me Dick McDick McLick.

    He doesn't shit on my floor, but he sneezes what looks like flour and sesame seeds I always have to clean up.


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