21 November 2009

vision squat

Some more blurry confusing pictures for a Saturday.

I don't know where Russ keeps on finding these masks (his anonymity is by his own request), the last place I took a picture of him in a mask and this place that sells iron works don't even sell masks.
next slide please...

I took this of a cat at the iron works place.

This is the same cat a few seconds later turned to stone after I put a mirror in front of it's face. It only confirms to me cats are like Madusa.

Since Forrest Lawn Cemetery was not that far, we went and took grave site snaps, this was the only one that turned out. I don't know what that light over a grave in the background is all about because it wasn't there when I took this picture.

This is me as the living dead. Russ is like; "O.K. Your the living dead, that's nice" because I do it everytime we go to a cemetery.

This is me as the living dead spotting a Mexican family I will go and devour like New Year's tamales.


  1. they're comming to get you Barbara

  2. I'm coming to get you Soledad and Ruben Monarrez.

  3. I fucking love tamales.
    but not mexican families
    can't have one without the other

  4. Sweet tamales with raisins are from angels.

  5. No baby, you didn't do anything, I'm sorry :( I've been so busy that I hop on once in a while if I'm procrastinating, quickly type something, and then hop away because I feel guilty and return to studying (or whatever the hell I'm doing). I'll be back sooooooooooooon... Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about having too much time on yo' hands, right?!

    I think maybe you'll see them if you delete me off of blogs you follow and then add me again because I changed the www.blahblahblah.blogspot name.

    I like the creepy light on the grave... SCARY! And I like Mexican families a lot. Better than tamales... I'm more of a taco/quesadilla/enchilada/fajita kind of lady.

    Miss you! <3

  6. I'll try the deleting thing.

    There's this Mexican taco truck that serves quesadillas filled with cheese and a corn fungus called cuitlacoche, outta this world.

  7. Mmmmmm....... You just don't get good Mexican food like that in New York.


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