31 October 2009

Russ wishes all my blog buddies a Happy Halloween.

So does the SpoOoOoky back of his head at Pier 1 Imports in Encino just an hour ago.


  1. Happy [late] Halloween Russ!

    Cool palm tree photo frame.

  2. This is Karina right? I told him what you said and he thinks you're "Adorable" (I think he thinks you're 9 years old).

  3. yes its me.
    I think i have to register to Blogger so i can get instant recognition
    Everytime I try to put my name i have to post my URL, fingetprints, 3 pictures of me (two of them in positions not allowed in the Internet, and one of them wearing a gigantic ribbon), send them a scan of my picture ID, and jump 6 times.

    Tell Russ he looks cute with that mask :]


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