24 October 2009




  1. What a cool link thanks. I just finished the intro to the museum and the nerd in me is having a party. I'm going to do some more browsing and make creepy noises while I'm at it ;)

  2. The link doesn't work, or more like the website couldn't be found. Have to remember to check it tomorrow, 'cause now I need to know what it is!

    Is the skull background new? Is it Halloween decoration? Or am I just hallucinating the floating skulls and what looks like a cementary in my drunken haze?

  3. Here's the site:


    It's for Halloween, but it's growing on me, I just might keep it.

  4. Nah, it still doesn't work! The browser can't connect to that domain. It could be that it's a US website and I'm not in the US, that sometimes happens.

    Yeah, keep it! But don't write in black if you do cause it melts into the backgroung too much.

    You should do a Christmas countdown in December as well.

  5. A friend in Japan can't get on some of my links either, I don't get it because nothing on the site would make it prohibited from being seen in your country.

    That's the problem, even the grey writing melts in.

    I'm not big on Christmas, maybe I'll do it with St. Patty's day.

  6. Your new background is scary.

  7. What I was aiming for.
    It's just for Halloween.


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