30 October 2009





  1. I came across your blog because Google Analytics showed you as a referring site (must be a fluke) but I enjoyed what I read.

    This video really made me laugh because it just seems so WTF? (If you are seriously into the witchy-sex, please don't curse me :)) Unfortunately, I don't think I even know nine people so my powers-of-orgy may never be fully realized.

    Sorry to read that your blog was pulled from the Halloween countdown, just remember that not everyone is made of hate.

    I really liked the Gacey post (creepy) and the kids costume vid is hilarious. I will post a link on my blog—I don't have many readers, just a few friends and family, but I know that they will like your site.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. A couple of months ago I met this pagan girl. I never dared to ask her about her beliefs because we didn't meet while praying at church, so it was irrelevant to talk about religion with her. One day she commented she was a witch, so i was like... "ehh... ok..." because i dont really care, and she's started talking to me about "witchcraft", and her beliefs and all that. It kind of creeped me out but I'd be dead before judging anyone because of their beliefs, because the last thing I need to worry about is someone else being a witch.

    Now... for some strange reason this video/recording reminds me of her (i know... creepy), and I'm pretty sure she would be pissed if she hears it. So I'm going to give her the YouTube link, and laugh my ass off while she complains.

    (just because I hate when people are trying to "convert" me to their religion)

  3. Glad to have you on our team Teezy, orientation starts in 3 minutes, you should already have your supplies as they will not be provided for you, help yourself to coffee and a cruller at the end of the room.

  4. Just don't refer her here, I don't need her opening a bottle of "Demon #5 for Men" on my luscious ass.


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