13 September 2009

Robert Frost

Robert Frost was obsessed with the homosexuality of a fellow teacher at Amherst College named Stark Young. Frost went to the President of the University asking that young be fired because of the "Immorality" of Young's homosexuality (Frost was hired at Amherst at the urging of Young). And when the President of the College told Frost to take a hike, Frost resigned in protest.

According to the book Robert Frost: A Life By Jay Parini: "This academic feuding (with Young) utterly destroyed Frost's peace of mind, and he could not write."

"Nothing I do or say is as yet due to anything but a strong determination to have my own way."

- Robert Frost


  1. What an idiot. Sounds like he was a homophobic moron, and I don't like his poetry that much anyway. So there.

  2. I wish his road less traveled led to the edge of a sharp rock.


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