08 September 2009

lugi slap

Remember this?

I finally shelled out the coinage to try a rice bowl size bowl of birds nest soup ($27). It tasted like flavorless egg drop soup, but without the flavor. After awhile I started to think to myself "'This is fucking bird spit! What the fuck is wrong with me? How do I even know this is bird nest spit soup and not a soup made from all the Chinese waiters in the back kitchen spitting into a jar?" I heard Hawaiian poi is flavorless, so that means you can get full on a meal of poi and birds nest soup and not even know you ate because you can't taste anything.

I also bought and ate one of these, It tasted like a salt lick and and the yolk was greasy like pan grease. Shark fin soup is next.


  1. ew. that soup sounds awful!

    i had red pepper and tomato gazpacho with avocado on top today for lunch. and it was fucking delicious. and i made it. and i am sure i am sounding like a total jerk here.

    missed you, ab. and glad you are back. hope your summer has been fabbbbbbbbbb.

  2. I missed you too *giggles like a little girl*

    Gazpacho with lots of avocado is right up my ally.I'm coming over in an hour, don't call the police or try to fire your shotgun through the door at me this time.

  3. Blehhhh!!! haha! You ate bird spit! *points and laughs*
    I've always wondered how that shit would taste, and now you've proven my assumptions correct. I admire your adventurous spirit, nevertheless.
    Hmmm, those eggs sound...interesting O.o
    There was this reality show here called "Masterchef", where cooks battle it out with all manner of ingredients, and there was this girl named Po who made some awesome stuff, but one week she pulled out these crazy "Century Eggs". have you heard of them? They are eggs that have been preserved for 100 days, and apparantly they stink like nobodys business. I've seen them at my local asian grocery store, but am way too much of a wuss to buy them. Sounds like a mission for Super A.B to me!

  4. I got century eggs when I got the salted duck eggs, you cut them open and they're gangrene purple. The funky smell turned me off, I wasn't going to put in my mouth what I think old dick would smell like.

  5. Century Eggs sound like poop in a shell.

    Today I had sushi, I know this japanese dude that makes HUGE sushi rolls, two for $4 [dollars], and he makes his own sushi sauce.

    Anyway, when r u coming to TJ, im taking you to the sombrero shaped restaurant.

  6. I thought you told me not to come to TJ because the drug trafficers would chop my head off? I wondered where you went. Did you see Hostess's post about the picture?

  7. hate to admit that I have eaten shark's fin soup multiple times. but you have to when a customer buys it for you. I'm also ashamed to say that it tastes good. But not good enough to make up for the fact that it's a shark's fin, poor shark.

  8. One store in Chinatown is this shady looking import/export seafood company that I never see open. Look in the windows towards the back and you see mounds of different shark fins ranging from $130-$500 Lb. A big sign in the entrance says "NO PICTURES ALLOWED." I wonder what else they have dried up back there? Mermaids? Kappas? Amelia Earhart?

  9. no i didnt see hostess post D:

    I've been neglecting the internet lately because I have a lot of shit to do besides picking my nose while thinking of a good topic for a post.

    So I havent been reading people's posts either...

    You're just coming to eat tacos, IDK what kind of restaurant do you think I'm gonna take you... LOL.

  10. I'm afraid the chupacabra is going to eat my toes like nachos. Listen, I told Russ what you said and he's serious about visiting you his next vacation time.

  11. Awesome.

    I'll start running behind churro carts so I look like the rest of the supermodels who read your blog.

  12. You know I had some lookers on my vox blog, zdravskoski, gentleknight2004, my lipstick lesbian Butterfinger, straight boy Jandro...

    I don't care how my followers look, it's not like I'm going to be making any of them my habibi.

  13. mann i love bird's nest soup too even IF its made from spit!!! <333

    i eat it like once every monthish and used to bought from website hongkong-bird-nest.50webs.com/index_e.htm sometimes, my mom went back to hong kong and bought a full suitcase of it cause its cheaper there XD

  14. Maybe the flavor part in the soup fell off when I wasn't looking, it was like eating liquid porridge glutten, if I ate liquid porridge glutten.


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