23 September 2009

Jean-Yves Lemoigne

See the the first unicorn bag lady pic? I eat at Norms, Magnolia Blvd in Burbank.



  1. Yay!! The RSS feed thingy is working again. Did you get the shag carpeting though?

  2. Glad you told me. I kicked it in the side like it was an old T.V. till it worked.

    The only thing they offered was this crappy burnt sienna color shag, I told them to get back to me.

  3. I ate there once. The same restaurant, I didn't even know I was in Burbank.
    I had the soup, salad and sandwhich combo. iHop ain't got shit on Norms.

  4. That unicorn woman is always hitting me up for my hamburger pickles, stupid unicorn people and their love of pickles.

  5. Those unicorn people photos are cool! Very imaginative indeed. They are a bit sad too. But I like.
    Yay! Feedies! Now I can keep updated with A.B.
    Sorry I've missed so many posts- every time I venture away from bloggyland for a few days, everybody decides to post about 10 entries in a row....sigh!
    Hope you're having a happy friday! Oh wait- it's still thursday over there isn't it? Greetings from The FUUUUTUUUURE! Well, i can tell you now that friday is pretty good. You'll enjoy it.

  6. Who cares about your other followers, the only two slick ones you have are drollgirl and Alan Negative.


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