25 September 2009

Friday drinks and a movie

I was going to post the movie "The Sentinel" and pair it with Sentinel Sauvignon Blanc , but Hulu yanked the movie, dicks.

Abashira Beer


  1. OMFG!
    You came back to the world of blogging.
    Hulu is like that sometimes.

  2. I've been here, it's just that my blog feed was fucked up and and my posts weren't being updated from 2 months ago. You missed out on my Smores and Rootbeer float parties.

  3. Well, I'm here to join the fun. I can't wait to get lost in your expressive blogging world ;)

  4. You say you're about the dark, the bloody and the paranormal...that'll work.

    Welcome spit shot of my universe Magaly.

  5. I'm retarded in how I post in comments, so just take what I write and cut it in half, it should make sense after that.


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