11 September 2009

Friday drinks and a movie

For the next 5 Fridays I will post a movie I dig and a related alcoholic beverage, enjoy!

Black Sea Vodka

<a href="http://www.joost.com/05900gg/t/Creature-of-the-Haunted-Sea">Creature of the Haunted Sea</a>


  1. I'm not gonna pretend I actually watch the entire movie, but it looked very...entertaining!

    On to other matters; what happened to your blog? It's not seizure evoking anymore!! And I don't even have to turn down my speakers before entering.

  2. Is this my Emma? You don't know how bummed out I was when I didn't hear from you for months.

    I watched an hour of this movie before I figured out it was a spoof (I'm not kidding when I said I was dense in my profile)and my blog is a sparkling isn't it? All I need now is a disco ball and a coat check girl.

  3. Are there any other Emma's? I don't think so. They might think they're Emma's, but they are mistaken.

    I had your blog on RSS feed and it stopped updating, then you went on vacation and I forgot to check back. Maybe it was the layout change or internet gremlins, who knows!

  4. I'm going to say something about that in my next post, people are contacting me saying my RSS feed stopped updating and they can't follow my blog using the "follower" feature, I'm kicking Gremlin ass.


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