01 September 2009


I feel like my Summer is gone, maybe it's because of the Halloween decorations I'm seeing at CVS. Time to clean my blog pad of red plastic beer cups and pick out the used rubbers in the kitchen sink. Couldn't tell it was Summer because we have central air that could cool Hell. Since I've known Russ he likes to keep any the house he's in morgue temperature, it's the combination anti-freeze, some kind of plasma he calls blood, and the trace mineral Selenium that keeps him animated.

Have to welcome my vox people who I finally told I was here. I know they hate me because I disappeared from vox without leaving money on the dresser or so much as a "Dear Vox" letter on the pillow, sorry. I'm glad they're here because now I can pit my blog followers and my vox followers in one-on-one death matches.

Ready to ride me again?


  1. You're back! About damn time too. Hope you had a luvverly summer.Cleaning used rubbers out of the sink?! Well, i guess that is evidence of fun times had.....:D
    Here in the antipodes we've just begun spring, so warmth is ahead finally. Then icky sweaty drain-the-life-out-of-me summer. Bah Humbug. I wish I was rich enough to constantly travel the world, avoiding the extreme seasons and living in a constant spring and autumn. Ahhh!
    Anyway, back to reality i crash.

    Who's there?

  2. Wow, I come back to a ghost town, here and over at my ex-vox blog. People haven't posted for months and I don't think they'll come back. I think they see the bleak emptiness of a blog world without me and they just give up in heart wrenching despair, I'm glad you were able to carry on simi.


  3. at least your place is not hot and sticky...
    im glad you finally appeared, i was about to send you a "I'm sorry" card, and a basket of cheese and wine, delivered by a midget who likes to play violin.

  4. ohh crap... i appear as anonymous... [i cant even spell that word]
    Anywho. this is Karina :]


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