20 September 2009

Amityville Horror Rehashed

According to my statcounter the 3 most consistently popular posts on my blog are my most recent one, Anthony Bourdain, Huell Howser (I still don't understand, why Bourdain?) and what I wrote on the Amityville Horror. What started on what I was going to write about Amityville consisted of just a paragraph, but the more I started to research it, the more I added.

Amityville Horror Refried
It boils down to if you believe in spiritual forces in the world outside of ourselves, then the Amityville Horror isn't so fantastic to believe, If you don't believe in that spiritual realm, then no matter what evidence is given on Amityville, you'll never accept it.


  1. You don't suppose George was compensated for how well he could tell the story, do ya? i'm sure it got better everytime he told the story.

  2. Who would compensate him? A T.V. appearance on a talk show gets you union scale, about a few hundred bucks, Radio pays nothing. Like I said the Lutzes only recieved about $400,000 from both the book and the movie. If the aim was to make money, they did it in all the wrong ways. Everyone made mint off of the Amityville story, everyone but the Lutzes.


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