21 June 2009

My followers are so much better than everyone else. I spent today checking other blogs and I got good, organic, free-range cow, butter with you followers. Everybody else is like 99 cent, someone-dropped-on-the-floor-and-tried-to-pick-up-again margarine that someone else would look at and say "Why is the margarine all fucked up?


  1. Ok. Why didn't I come check out your blog earlier???? You are a funny fucker. Thanks for dropping by my own humble li'l bloggy- even if you did cheat at my cookie thing.
    Anyways, I like your style. Methinks I shall follow thy blogeth now.

  2. Now that your following, you have a creamery, just churned, goodness about you didn't have before. I'd give you a party hat that says WELCOME, but party hats are of the Devil.


I eat your comments with jam and butter.