21 June 2009

Maegan Aaeternus Eternus

An Army battalion is made up of 500 to 1500. My lovely follower Maegan (I would link, but I don't want to feed the machine) has 905 followers to date, that's not including her hidden followers. That means Maegan has an Army of "ditsy gay boy bottoms, horny straight men who can't wait to see her next "Gratuitous Outfit" for reasons I'm sure she doesn't want to know about, and every kind of girl who has a functioning head" army of fashionistas at her command. How can you NOT be drunk with power? Is she the head of sleeper cells that on her command will strangle you with pearl hair ribbons or kick you in front of an oncoming train with their Christian Louboutin shoes (her french braid in a video looks like a noose, coincidence?)? It's not for me to say. Is her Eco Bag giveaway a way of getting Austrian crystal encrusted C2 explosives to her followers? I don't know. Are her cutesy dogs Bebop and LeRoy really genetic freaks the size of great Danes that guard their mistress with platinum plated teeth? I pray not. I'm not stupid, I'm already printing out "Hail To Our Queen" trucker hats so I don't get my head lopped off when the "Maegan Wars" begin. God forgive us all.



  1. lol. drunk with power ...maybe someday ;)


  2. You know I only do it to the ones I love. I would do it to drollgirl, but she would kick my ass. LOL
    Thanks for always being a sport babe.

  3. Damn, now I want to know about her stuff, but I refuse to feed that machine. Let the beatch starve!


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