01 June 2009

Eat me Eat you

I had rattlesnake jerky, it didn't taste like anything else, same with truffles. Alligator tasted like fish, so did frog legs, nothing I tried "tasted like chicken." Bison and elk tasted like a strong beef. Human flesh is suppose to taste like pork butt according to cannibal killers, one who ate it raw said It tasted like beef carpacio. Cheap monk fish is suppose to taste like lobster, not to me, they even call it the "poor man's" lobster. Sweetbreads (prepared thymus glands, not pastry). strong German cheese, and goat head tacos are the bomb, I could have lived without trying blood sausage or pickled lemons from Egypt. I always wanted to try birds nest soup, fugu, turtle, scorpion and Huitlacoche.

James Beard (a homosexual) was the consummate foodie and a God in the culinary world. A man who didn't eat to live, but lived to eat, not a bad way to live.


  1. Apparently cats taste like chicken... maybe you should give them a go

  2. I hate cats stir fried, poached with dill, as sashimi, or with green eggs and ham, I hate cats period (I'm allergic to the things, so I guess they aren't hot for me either).


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