08 May 2009

Proper Vamps

A friend runs the site: "The Bespoken: For Gentlemen." His "Vampires in Dior" is a great read.

It's Friday, but before I leave I wanted to welcome a few new followers, you know what your getting into with me right?


  1. Its the things my hopes and dreams are made of.

  2. Except...i'm not lesbian. Just drunk.

  3. You and me are going to be goood friends Elizabeth Marie. I'm not lesbian either, so that works out.

  4. It's the next day and I'm sure Elizabeth Marie is thinking "What the fuck did I write him?" And "where is the delete button?"
    No worries baby girl, I was plastered myself.

  5. this is completely unrelated, but i had no idea that "asshole boyfriend" was a drink

    gotta try that out


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