17 May 2009

The Pickwick

The city of Burbank, California had a Drive-in theatre called the Pickwick.

I’ve heard of other Drive-in theatres across the country that had everything from car-hop service to a monkey zoo, our Pickwick had a kid’s sandbox filled with mounds of red ants and stale puddles. It was located next to horse stables, so on hot sticky nights it became an olfactory mix of horse manure with popcorn and fry bin grease from the concession stand, you got SMELL-O-RAMA with every movie, even if it was a romance.

I wasn’t alive during the heyday of the Drive-in (50’s-60’s), so I can’t reminisce of a simpler time of going to the Drive-in and getting hotdogs with little Toots McGree and uncle Winifred, but I have my own memories that are just as good, not of movies, but of a place with a picture-screen bigger than life and of dancing food you could eat.

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