21 May 2009

Megan Washington

I've become a big fan of hers now, you can hear her 3 postings down from this one to hear the song "Ishmael." In an interview they asked her what are the things she hated, It's cool what she says:

Animal cruelty, crap housemates, people who say 'Lol' in actual conversation, expensive bottled water, the colour yellow, losing things, having to open my window shade for landing, parking fines, petrol prices, climate change, broken guitar strings, that guy who presents 'Deal or No Deal', flies, whaling, Andie McDowell, beat poets, clowns, mimes, children, Crocs shoes, ukuleles, real-estate agents, neo-liberalist economic belief in the free market, tram inspectors dressed like extras from the Matrix, not being able to complete my Pokedex, dial-up internet, Star Wars, Edward Gugliemino, 'Eyes Wide Shut', words with too many vowels, whatever is eating my basil plant.

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