21 May 2009

Luff You

So I'm scanning other blogs and I find this one shrink who says we should all write love letters to ourselves, I forgot why she said we should. She said if her blog readers sent the letters to her, she would post them on her own site. Other then it being hokey, self absorbed, and flattering the ego in the wrong kind of way, I decided to do it, but I can't find her blog again and now I'm left with this letter.

A love letter to myself:

Dear Frank AKA Franc, Edwina Sharri, Hank Yokum, Solly Vern (depending on what state has a warrant out on me),

You put the RFI in PERFICT, did you know that? Well do you stupid?! Brooke Shields hates you through the T.V. because she's jealous of you. All that festering, festering, jealousy. YOU Brooke Shields!!! You hate the perfict in Frank! I know you were the one that made his Birthday cake taste funny last year because he can make super sexy sexy guys pop a woody in their pants and you can't. Laugh and be jealous out of the protection of my little T.V. box with it's little spindly antenna arms, YOU Brooke Shields!!! Because YOU don't have the bright light inside that makes super sexy sexy guys pop a pant tent with a woody, because that's very important, the woody thing.

Your Truly,

Frank, Edwina Sharri, Franc, whatever.


P.S. I know this is suppose to be a letter to Frank, but could you please give back my sweater Brooke, I LOANED it to you, I didn't GIVE it to you, Thanks.


  1. i sure hope brooke gets this letter and responds. i am eager to know what she has to say for herself.

  2. I'm not petty, but it was my favorite angora sweater.


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