13 May 2009

La LLorona



  1. Oh yes, La Llorona.. She's a rather common tale in Latin America. I think its originally mexican.
    Here in Panama the folk tale goes as follow: She was a beautiful woman who had a baby. Around the age of two or three, her baby walked towards a river and drowned. She killed herself, and so her spirit wonders around looking for her lost son, crying (hence her name, as it is translated as 'The Crier' or 'The Crying Woman'. When she became a spirit she became horrible.

    They tell that story to keep children from wondering around at night, saying she'll replace her baby with them. Also her name is different here, she's called Tulivieja.

  2. La Llorona legend is from la epoca de la colonia. When the Spaniards were in Mexico. In between 1600- 1800. Somewhere in the old town in Mexico City. It spread from there to most Latin America as like a "boogie man" story, but it has truth in Mexico City, the origin of the real story.


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