22 May 2009

I'm knocking off early today. I wish I could roll all of you up in a ball and dry hump you, that's how much you all mean to me.


  1. hope you have a super weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

    you better!!!

  2. Aren't you just such a sweetheart! *waves hi*

  3. Hey stranger! How do you like my new pad?

  4. Awwwwwwwww...this made me get teary.

    I need some new dipping sauces. Any recommendations?

  5. I got teary eyed when I wrote it.

    Ponzu, eel sauce with sushi, The Alcapulco restaurant chain has a white wine dipping sauce I put over whatever I order (usualy crab enchiladas). The garlic sauce from Zankou Chicken. Thai Peanut sauce for beef satay. Indian food has alot of dipping sauces. Cheese fondue, apricot-balsamic sauce. The classics, Hollandaise and Bernaise. Vinegar or cream based sauces are always good, I HATE tomato based sauces, if tomatoes had eyes, I would poke them out with a stick.


I eat your comments with jam and butter.