05 May 2009

Cinco de Mayo is when bi-lingual good little boys and girls get mini-bar size bottles of Cuervo underneath their pillow to find the next morning and all over Mexico they rub avocado oil over hot Mexican men while mourning the death of the popular Mexican comedian "Cantinflas." And really, isn't that what the spirit of Cinco de Mayo is all about people?

I grew up in a Mexican household, that's how I know this to be true.


  1. yay cinco de mayo! i love mexico! i love mexican food! i love mexicans!

    and sadly i am on a diet, but i'll pretend i am grubbing on guacamole and patron and corona. lord i wish is was!

    and those two beefcakes look so hot. gulp!

  2. Russ has taco sauce running through his vains. He can eat Mexican everyday and he does ; ). Later tonite we're going to carve a piñata and watch "It's Cinco de Mayo Charlie Brown."

  3. But you have your own gringo celebrations like "Casual Fridays" and "Arbor Day" when all the Arbors get together and do...whatever they do.


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