08 April 2009

The Trouble with Belene

I'm watching a documentary called "Mosquito Problem" on the Sundance channel. A little Bulgarian town called Belene had a nuke plant that went belly up and caused mass unemployment. After that a flood came and almost put the town under water. After that the flood waters made the perfect breeding grounds for these mutant mosquitos (probably made that way by the closed nuke plant's radiation) that descend on the townspeople at night like the vampires in the movie "30 Days Of Night." If the Bulgarians aren't chasing the mosquitos around with vacuum cleaners, they eat cucumber salads and try to hide from escapees from the nearby prison. How much more bad luck can that town have? Outbreak of plague and a rabbit infestation eating all their cucumbers? If the world ever ends, I can tell you what town it started in.

Coming to Belene this Summer.

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