15 March 2009


A few years back the city of LA commissioned local artist Alex Donis to set up an art installation at downtown LA’s Watts Towers. I don’t know what’s funnier, the series of pictures he painted of gang members dancing with police officers called WAR, or the reaction it got from both groups. Alex received death threats from gang members who also threatened to burn down the towers and police went to the city demanding the paintings be taken down, the city did.

Those in the hopelessness of gang life and the underpaid cops who hit the beat to fight it everyday can find no common ground other than hating these pictures, idiots all around.


  1. WELL THOSE ARE A SCREAM!!! i had no idea about the artist or the project -- i just completely missed the boat on this one.

    and i love watts towers.

  2. Both the cops and the gang members see themselves as the biggest bad asses, and here they are doing the tango and cha cha together, still cracks me up.

  3. omg this is brilliant! I had no idea they existed ...and now I totally want to see it in person


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