27 March 2009

These toots were made for walk'in

Walk Score tries to get people to hit the pavement and walk instead of drive. They once ranked America's most walkable neighborhoods and cities and asked; "How much do you actually find yourself walking instead of driving?" I said; "Not much. I try every Monday to do a light jog from "Nubby" the free hooker on the corner of Alvarado street, up to the Mexican day workers who want me to suck them off on the corner of Main." They deleted my post.

Well kiddies, when I start posting about flying people and Mexican day workers who want to stuff my head in the wrong kind of way, it must be Friday. Have a good one chicos and chicletas.


  1. i am sure your comment was the best one in the whole lot. by far.

  2. I love that no one drives in New York. It's one of my favourite things ever.
    I also kind of wish I knew a hooker named Nubby.


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