06 March 2009

The Mouse who ate the Man

At this point I can TASTE Disney. I think it will be coming out of my pores for the next 2 week. The Blue Bayou was nice, first time I ate there and I had this steak the size of moose head and two asparagus. I was this | | close to making Prince Charming squeal like a pig, still don't know the outcome of Prop 8. I appreciated all the birthday lovings in the comments section, I'm lucky to have you as readers of my blog, and I thank from the bottom of my Disney drenched heart.


  1. did you have a good birthday?

  2. steak and asparagus. YUM. hope it was all fun and that you have returned to the valley.

    i have a friend that has an annual pass (ha! or whatever it is called) to attend disneyland whenever he wants. he goes constantly. it makes me worry.

  3. Yan,

    I had a great birthday, Russ was my best friend before we hooked up, so whatever I do with him is a blast, even if Disney wouldn't have been my first choice...or my second...or my third...or...

  4. drollgirl,

    Just checking out different blogs you find Disney freaks, I mean people who are really into it. Hope you had your "back straightend" over the weekend like you wanted.


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