16 March 2009

Hypocritical Oaf

You tend to overlook bad behavior from others if you see them as not much different from yourself. The straight world has been pretty shitty in overlooking ANYTHING the gay world does because they don't see themselves in us. They bring up the supposed debauchery in a gay pride parade, but they see nothing wrong with the show-me-your-tits-for-beads at Mardi Gras or the yearly AVN porn awards that reward the best in straight sex. A favorite target are gay bathhouses, but swinger clubs across the nation probably outnumber bathouses 3-1. Gay sex in public places really sends the straight world into a fit, but let's be fair here. If there was a public park or dirty bookstore filled with women who wanted to give free blowjobs, cars would be lined up around the block with straight guys 24/7 and the marrige population would be cut in half (Why buy the cow...). "Cougars" (older women who chase guys in their teens and twenties) are the new thing. There are cougar "workshops," dating services, on-line hook-up sites, books, and even a movie ("Cougar Club"). Who knew roving bands of Mrs. Robinsons in supermarket produce isles looking for teen dick to suck the youth out off would be the new heterosexual trend. The irony of this particular phenomenon is how often heterosexuals think WE are the predators of the young. If a "how-to" workshop started for older gay men on how to pick up young guys, the straight world would run them out of town with self rightious indignation and torches, hypocrisy, like a stick with shit on one end, really is a bitch if your on the receiving end of it. Sometime I see the "straight by default until you say otherwise" world I live in like the nosey, busy body, neighbor Mrs. Kravitz on the old "Bewitched" series, determined to catch us doing something and shouting "Abner! Come look!" When she thinks she does.


  1. agreeing with every single thing here.

  2. Why are you leaving? Please don't. I'll change, It was me, not you. We can make this work, he meant nothing to me.


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