13 March 2009

Fenway Park

I finally have a straight guy follower, I dedicate this vid in his honor.

Have a great weekend my bunyips.


  1. LOL!!! Yay for solid background. You may be able to put the background back under the css:

    #outer-wrapper {

    section ..which may solve all your probs ..if not

    in the #main-wrapper { section

    add: background-color:#191919;

    #191919 is the grey you have now.
    #FFFFFF is white.

    Hope it works.

  2. I like the sharpness of this grey. I almost put this as a background:


    : P...

    I'm really going to town with these "glitter- graphic" thingies.

  3. I like "Satisfaction".

  4. b.a.r.f. i think i would've rather seen chicks with dicks, but i guess this vid wasn't designed for me. hahahahah.

    and this solid background is waaaaaaaaaaay easier on the eyes, so thank you for that!

    now if you could just have heavy metal music playing instead of this stuff!

  5. I only go as far as Motorhead:


    Wanna see a chic with a dick? You got it:


  6. I LOVE MOTORHEAD. i was standing next to lemme (lead singer of motorhead) once in at the rainbow on sunset. his moles are quite the site. and they are spectacular live.

    sorry for dragging you in to my world. ahahhahahahah

  7. Russ used to work right across from the Rainbow, pretty shitty place, but the drinks were stiff.


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