09 March 2009

Crown and Salsa

A few years back I had a disproportionate number of friendships with cocktail waitresses. Not just any cocktail waitresses, but with these drop dead gorgeous girls that worked a restaurant/nightclub in Burbank. I got to know one (a former Miss. Burbank), and it just snowballed because I was; A. Sweet, B. Goodlooking, and C. Safe. I was let into a world most straight men would give their left nut for. I was in awe with the power they had over the average male in public places we would go to and I didn't mind the overflow of VIP treatment I got while in their presence. They saw me as a regular guy who happened to be gay and not as a "girlfriend," I liked that. The boyfriends were a different story. I was masculine with some descent muscle, and I made their girls laugh, so how do you think their boyfriends took it? No matter how many times the girls would tell them I was gay, they were still pricks with me. I wondered if they really believed I was gay or they saw it as some kind of line to get in with their gals. Dropping by to see them at work also was a trip. I was treated like gold and it didn't go unnoticed by the guys around me who were trying to pick them up, to them, I was magic.

I had a falling out with my Miss. Burbank and I take total blame for it. I was a dick for lying to her instead of being up front with her.

Keep in mind sweety I thought you would judge someone I loved very much and that's why I made up a lie, I should have trusted you, I'm sorry.

I missed the late night phone conversations after you got off work, laughing about the guys that hit on you that night, I missed you dragging me to places I didn't want to go to (ever try decorating a Rose Parade float with a throw up hangover? Glue on a daisy, go throw up, glue on another daisy, go throw up...), climbing though a window of a house I wasn't even sure was yours, and Foot Locker guy prank was just plain out rude, but most of all I missed YOU my buddy.

Well, word got around to the other girls and I was persona non grata from then on. I was lucky enough to have someone in my corner to tell me "Fuck 'em," and a little encouragement goes along way with me, but I didn't care about the other ones, I cared about a friendship I miss, and still do.


  1. Awwww, that made me sad! I hope you guys patch things up.

    Me and my (former) best friend "broke-up" in September and have recently started to hang out again. But it's not the same anymore...

  2. Your sweet for saying that Emma. Too much time has passed. I wish her happiness.

  3. i hope you guys make up. fingers crossed.

  4. Well, I'm no Miss Burbank with all her fabulosity, but I recently rekindled a long-lost friendship with my best pal when he and his guy got married. Don't lose hope. It's weird to reconnect, but it can be worth it.

  5. I can't forget her when I keep seeing her headshot all over the walls of Burbank dry cleaners and rib joints, but I don't think we will ever reconnect. What's funny is her mom is one of those pushy stage mothers and when she met me she gave her approval of me as a boyfriend thinking I was interested in her daughter, not an easy thing to get from a stage mother.

  6. Time heals. I know she must miss you too. You're a good guy and I hope you two reconnect in the near future.


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