03 March 2009

Country Bear Gumboree

Since I'm going to Magic Kingdom (yet again), I'm giving you Disney related posts til I leave.

Disneyland Rides
If Disney Were Bought
Out by the Campbell
Soup Company.

By Jonathan Shipley

Big Tomato Mountain Railroad

Dumbo the Flying French Onion

Storybookland Canal Beef Consommé Boats

Indiana Jones Cream of Mushroom Adventure

The Haunted Manhattan Clam Chowder

Pirates of the Chicken Broth

Split Pea Mountain

Matter Hearty Vegetable Bobsleds

Peter Pan's Pepper Pot Flight

Enchanted Turkey Noodle Room

Snow Pea White's Scary Adventure

Jungle Curly Noodle Cruise

It's a Broccoli Cheese Soup World.


  1. lol ...my husband wanted to go for his birthday but I've been so many goddamn times I vetoed it ...I'm an asshole, this I know. Have Fun!

  2. You're making me want a Mickey Mouse shaped grilled cheese.

  3. There is this cart in the park around Frontierland that sells these turkey legs the size of a caveman club and chimichangas (I can't take anything seriously called "Chimichangas"). These smoked, monster size, turkey legs you can buy and they just hand it to you without napkins or a plate. I think their the legs of goofys that are being held captive under the park.


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