01 February 2009


You two boys can split the viper ice cream. Now get of my lawn you pesky kids!


  1. oh man, ur so nice xDD tyvm lol

  2. You ate all the viper before Sam could get any didn't you Yan?
    I won't be following your's or Sam's blogs because I don't want to look like a perv. You understand right? Besides, all I'd do is bug you to hook me up with your 28 year old brother who just got out of the Air Force academy and get you to order me pizzas on your mom's credit card.

  3. Yeah I understand. And btw, no, u don't want to hook up with my brothers. I have 4, all 18+, and all somehow fat and straight.

  4. Oh man that sucks. I even had a name picked out for your brother (Brent). Now go order me some pizzas! Extra cheese...

  5. I don't think you'd look like a pervert. I'm 16... so yea. All legal down this end!

    Not that anything of a perverse nature would occurr anyway...

    I'll shut up before I dig a deeper hole.

    Oh god, enough of that now ;)

  6. I know I'm O.K. Sam, but I'm basically in a room full of strangers with this blog who DON'T know me. There are a lot of creepy crawly people out there and I would wonder myself if you had an older guy commenting on your blog. He has no business being there.


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