09 February 2009

See me in Odyssey

I get my movie rentals at Odyssey Video on Lankershim Blvd. and Vineland in North Hollywood. The place is a great find for serious fans of obscure and little known films, and a shrine for horror movie fans who could tell you who the Foley artist was on the Shelley Winters's horror flick '"Who Slew Auntie Roo?" Odyssey turned me on to a movie that was the closest thing to a snuff film and a good suspense flick made by the Nazi UFA movie studio during the war. Did I say they have the best gay porn from the 80's? Two walls full. You'll find every underground leftist newspaper at the entrance of Odyssey, right next to the Snicker bars with the expiration date of May '84 and the handmade "Return Here" signs someone drew between bong hits. The place smells like dust and vegan take-out. All membership takes is a driver's license, a kind face, and a password. I didn't go for months and forgot my password, they told me it was "Cambodia," I've never said the word "Cambodia" in my life, and why are they telling me my password without my license anyways? Everyone over the counter is under 18 with skinny arms, sleepy eyes, and play in bands with gigs in Silverlake scrum bars, explains "Cambodia."

I can't think of a more appropriate name than "Odyssey Video" for this place, located next to a 3 foot by 3 foot camera store and an occult bookstore filled with bad spirits that go next door and watch 80's gay porn when Odyssey closes for the night.


  1. I actually had a guy pull a knife on me in the Odyssey parking lot because I mumbled something under my breath about his park job. When he came at me with the knife in his hand I looked at him, put my arms out to the sides and said "what, you're just gonna STAB me right here in the parking lot?" ... and he put it away and got back in his car and then I went in and rented my {vhs} tape ...it was pre dvd time ...lol.

  2. It is in a crappy part of town. That whole 'soho' area is a joke.


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