01 February 2009

spotspit on a bloggers #1, Pretty in Pink...and red

I think this blogger wants to destroy me. I can see it in her eyes, she wants my total annihilation and my head on a spit to feed her Boston Terrier Mr. Cuddleboo. Don't let her sweet talk of vespas, lovely happenings and love of bright colors fool you, the only bright color she likes is the bright crimson of my blood she'll paint pretty cherry blossoms on her wall with. When when gets high on speedballs and black licorace, she'll stab you in the neck with her "Property Of Megan" inscribed feathered pen and kick those who would come to your rescue with the steel toe end of her "Badgley Mischka For Teens" shoes. She needs to be tasered, on sight, before authorities arrive.

This guy pisses me off because of the way he drinks coffee.


  1. She looks about twelve, that's what is creepy.

  2. oh man wow.. she does looks frightening...

    Too much HAPPY FLOWERY LOVE TIME for me.
    And it kinda annoys me too. Probably cuz he was trying to look at the camera while at it.

  3. Did I also tell you she's wanted for extortion and racketeering in 3 states?


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