02 February 2009

L.A. Lore #2:

There are a lot of strange things associated with L.A. most people aren’t aware of. The U.F.O. incident of '42, cursed Griffith Park, haunted Graumans, the ghouls of Burbank, but the strangest and least covered, outside of one article in the L.A. Times of 1934, is the lizard people that history said once lived under L.A.

The Hopi Indians have a legend that they believe to be true of a race of “Lizard People” that once lived in what is now called downtown L.A. The story goes that about 4.000 to 5.000 years ago these beings built an underground labyrinth of tunnels to escape coming meteor showers, but died when natural gas leaked into the tunnels. These underground escape routes are located in what is now the L.A. Public Library, running to the top of Mount Washington, to north of Pasadena.

In 1933, a mining engineer named G. Warren Shufelt got a permit from the city to dig at a vacant lot at 518 north Hill Street. He believed he found one of the tunnels using a magnetic machine and he believed gold and other precious alloys were to be found buried with the beings.

Shufelt claimed the tunnels were laid out in the shape of a giant lizard. It’s tail underneath the main library at 5th and Hope, the body extending northeast, and the head being at Lookout and Mardi, near north Broadway.

On March.5th 1934 the digging suddenly and mysteriously stopped. Some say because of cave-in fears, but did it?

Rumor had it that Shufelt broke through and the federal government stepped in and worked on the tunnels up until the 1950’s. G. Warren Shufelt disappeared and was never heard from again.

So there you have it, another strange piece of strange L.A.


  1. Nice, thanks for the story, those kinds of things are always interesting.
    What's ur opinion on that?

  2. okay, that is insane! never heard it til now

  3. I live in Miami and there's a lot of misconceptions about us. Like, that we all live on the beach, wear string bikinis year-round(because it never gets colder than 75 degrees, even though it is know 51 degrees here), and all resemble models.

  4. The Lizard people are not a myth. They invented Boba Tea and pass themselves off as asians now.


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