20 January 2009

Anitra Ford

I'm watching a B-movie called "Invasion of the Bee Girls" and this one chic sticks out from the rest, Anitra Ford. I find out she was one of the models on TV game show "The Price is Right," turning over price tags to see if a contestant won a new Kenmore dishwasher or leaves with a consolation prize, jars of Turtle Wax car polish. She went on to play Angela, a rogue wonder woman, in the first Wonder Woman T.V. series that never got off the ground starring Cathy Lee Crosby. She's made a career as a 'bad' girl because she looks the part. Bad girls make straight boys hard and gay boys give respect, that's why Anitra won my heart. I know she's up there in years and I hope life was good to her. I like to picture her as the Grand Dame over her estate, barking at the butler because she wanted TEAL not BABY BLUE colored drapes, Jars of Turtle Wax stacked in her closet she now uses as face cream, and a throwing knife always strapped to her leg "just in case" Cathy Lee Crosby pays a visit.


  1. Invasion of the Bee Girls rather motherfuckingly transcended cinema.

  2. A movie with tits and honey always will be a cut above.


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